Mobile Alien Detection App


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  • Not From Earth is built upon Watson AI and Apple Corel image recognition technologies.

  • Machine Learning is getting smarter. NFE detects visitors from other worlds and keeps learning their tricks to find more.

  • Just point your camera or open an existing photo and Deep Machine hunting begins.

  • Alien Style Transfer Models help show what the visitors looks like unmasked.

  • Google Colaboratory servers were used to train hundreds of alien models.

  • Style Transfer Models for dozens of known planets help expose the secret visitors.

  • Patent Pending Style Transfer Effects inside Depth Masks helps you see the aliens on their own planets.

  • Planets browser to place visitors on any of the amazing categorized planets.

  • Deep image segmentation for photos not taken with the built in Portrait Depth camera.

  • Share your discoveries with certified posters of discovered aliens. 

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