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Her Husband

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

“I don’t even know who you are.” Small drops of water rolled down her cheeks and over her pouty lips.

“It’s me, Rob. What’s wrong Ellen?”

She snapped another picture. Within seconds, the Watson/Core ML enabled App spun through its image recognition models and returned the same result. “Not From Earth!”

She burst into tears.

“Did you press the Refresh Models button?” Rob asked.


She wiped away the tears and glanced at her screen. There it was. The Refresh button. With shaking finger, she managed to tap. A strange looking progress spinner appeared on screen. Then it completed. “ET Models Updated”

She browsed her albums and selected her previous photo. The App classified the image again. “Likely Human.” Replied the App

She flew into his arms, closed her eyes and shared her tears on his Alien face.

The visitor from Alpha Centauri knew the App would soon correct itself. AI was unlike anything they had ever faced in their travels. But for now, his secret was safe.

“Please delete that silly App,” he said

She froze in his arms. Her eyelids flew open.


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